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Teacup pigs

Teacup Pigs: Super Cute Pets for Home

Teacup pigs are very cute micro pigs, which can become your best friends by keeping as a pet. They are witty, social and good pets for home. They are the creations of some breeders who tried to retain the cuteness of piglets without turning them to huge sized piggies. Mini pigs are easily available these days, but the fact is that you can’t make sure that they will remain small in size or not, till they actually grow up. Hence, it is advisable to take help from an expert breeder who can show you the parents of the teacup pigs and then only give these mini creatures for you to keep as pets.

Teacup pigs

The adult teacup pigs have a weight of 20-80 pound and their size remains small. They are social and appear very impressive at home. These pigs are smaller and you can select the pigs appealing the most to you in looks and color. Teacup pigs are smaller in size and you can determine the size of offspring according to the appearance of their parents. Teacup pigs have become famous due to celebrities owning them and making presence with them in social events.

There are actually very less breeders having actual teacup pigs and you can check out your local sellers or online help for the same. There are some pigs having full size growth till 6 years of age and they might have a tiny appearance during the early phases. You have to be careful in making the choice because your small pet can become unexpectedly bigger, if they are not of the right breed. Teacup pigs are very cute in appearance and you will love their intelligent nature to learn new things very soon. They have playful nature and their presence at your home will feel like you’ve got a child for full play.